laura (shinyobject) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service on my part.

so, I gave a LOT of bad service this Christmas. On one shift, about 5 tables that I recall walked out without being served at all. That's probably the worst service you can get-- sitting at a dirty table for 5-10 minutes watching others get served, and then leaving after giving up.

But here's some quotes from the night:

"No, I can't take your call-in order. We're full. Bye."

"Lee, someone wants to speak to a manager because I wouldn't take their call-in. Ok. My manager says she doesn't have time to talk to you because she's cooking. Bye."

Keep in mind, the phone rang about 50 times without being answered throughout the night.

"Yes, your bill is off by $.20. No, I'm not adding it up (by hand cause that's how we roll) again. I have food to deliver and there's two groups waiting at the register. Here's a quarter."

"I know you ordered hashbrowns with cheese, a pecan waffle, and sausage. It somehow came out hashbrowns with onions and cheese, a regular waffle, and bacon. Is that okay? Please?"

"Um, no one's cooking your order because... Karen's in the back. She'll be back soon. I think."

And then there were the times I was out-and-out RUDE to customers:

"Must have been bad this year, huh? working on Christmas?" -glare-

Then there was the table of rich white ladies I waited on without saying a single word besides "how do you want your eggs" and "do you need anything else?" and "ok." Just... silence. I didn't smile. I looked at them when they ordered and wrote it down and brought it to them, but there was no "Hello," no "Have a nice day" and not one "how is everything?" in the half hour they were there.

or when I responded "I don't care," to someone whose steak was medium well instead of medium and wanted another.

I told a customer to "Shut the fuck up."

Apologies to everyone I was rude to, or who didn't get what they wanted. Come back sometime that's not Christmas.

Edit: This entry WAS changed after cally said I was "tooting my own horn." Yes, describing bad service and then making a bunch of excuses is not the thing to do. So I changed it. I deleted all the excuses, some of which have been reiterated by others below.

Now, then, to be fair, I would not have told a customer to 'shut the fuck up' if we didn't know each other and had said things like that multiple, multiple times. Everybody who's like "there is no grounds for that" is right, but it's not the situation it seems like (without "excuses").

Many things I said/did were bad_service, and inexcusable, and yes, I shouldn't be working when I'm that grouchy and when I've stopped caring about anything.


And I *do* have another job, this is just where I work on breaks from school, and I thought very seriously about quitting after that night. Thing is, it's like that EVERY OTHER WEEKEND. We run out of something important like, say, eggs, or half the people don't show up, and it's hell. It's a horribly managed restaurant, half the staff could care less if customers don't get served, and the the one server who's served 70 people at once might understand (she has more patience than I do and deserves mad props).

The one excuse I feel is necessary is that I worked 22 hours total on Christmas Eve and Day. I was on my 8th hour working, after 4 hours of sleep, after 12 hours working the night before. And everyone else did the same thing. My manager was there for 20 hours on Christmas.

I thought posting here would serve as an apology and explanation of why service is HORRIBLE on Christmas to a few unlucky people. Keep in mind service was fine to 99% of customers that night. Thanks to those who that message got through to.
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