J'Allie Bean (alliemunkee) wrote in bad_service,
J'Allie Bean

Also a Dell complaint.

There are alot of bad service stories about Dell here. I'd like to share mine.

It happened quite a few years ago, between 5 and 10 years ago. Yeah, long time.

My dad ordered a computer for my mother from Dell, an L466cx with 15" monitor, Intel Celeron processor and a sticker with the Windows logo saying, "Designed for Windows NT, Windows 98". Old girl but pretty good for the era. Dell told us when to expect delivery, which was within two weeks of the order being placed.

Well, the delivery date came around and no computer. It must have been extremely late (dad mentioned that it was months) because my mother called up to cancel the order, get them to stick the computer up their arses and give the money back.

Guess what? Very soon after, the Dell truck appeared and the computer was delivered.

How about that?

Said computer is still in mother's study with a tobacco tan and Win98.
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