Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

UPS bad service for my neighbor

We just got home, again, from the grocery store. As we're pulling up our street we see a UPS truck at our neighbor's (across the street). The UPS guy has a BIG box from Dell. Now no one is home right now at the neighbors and won't be until LATE tonight. The big box from Dell has the big blue DELL right across it and it's VISIBLE from the street. I'm keeping an eye on the house, checking it every five minutes to make sure no one takes the package. Unfortunately, our area has been hit by mail thieves lately, and with that package sticking out like a sore thumb, it's possible that the neighbor won't be getting his Dell.

But how stupid is that? No one is home, leaves a BIG box with the word DELL across it RIGHT in plain view. The front door from their house to the street is less then 15 feet! And to top it off, it's raining hard here and the package is also left in the rain! Really smart of the UPS driver.

Edit: I went over to the other neighbor and told him. He called the neighbor, whose package was left out, and told him that he was taking it inside his house. I figured the neighbor would be able to contact him and sure enough he did. Package safe now.
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