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The management of my apartment complex gets more idiotic with each passing month. Since the UPS, USPS, and FedEx delivery people are too lazy to deliver packages to the actual apartments they dump them off at the office. Someone got the bright idea that since during the holiday season there are more packages that instead of storing them in a locked room in the back of the office they would keep them in the conference room. The conference room door is never locked, the blinds are open so anyone walking by can see all the packages, the room is right next to the entrance, is not easily visible from the office and sometimes no employees are even in the office. It's not very surprising to find out that packages have been stolen... one of them was a box that had all of our wedding presents from my fiance's family. Fortunately only one person had included cash so everyone was able to cancel their checks and everything will be okay hopefully.

The office employees are completely useless. I complained to them about allowing delivery people dump all their packages. Maybe they wouldn't be so crowded with packages if they didn't encourage the delivery people to be so lazy. I'd rather have the delivery people leave the package in front of my door, which is in a locked building, rather than visible to everyone and right next to an unlocked, unattended door. They refuse to do anything about it and commented how I couldn't possibly expect the delivery people to deliver everything to everybody's door. Grrr!
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