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A few months ago I ended my nine month stint at Walgreens. I had coworkers that provided some mediocre service every once in a while, but this made me laugh. It wasn't really that bad... but damn.

So, I call up my old store to ask if they sell egg nog. Simple question, right?

Lady: *in a really pissed off voice* Thanks for calling Walgreens this is ****. How can I help you?
Me: Hi, I was just wondering if you sold egg nog.
Lady: *big sigh* I don't know. Let me have someone check.
*lovely hold music*

After a few minutes, it rings back to her.

Lady: *pissed off voice again* Thanks for calling Walgreens this is ****. How can I help you?
Me: Yeah, I was actually on hold to see if you had eggnog.
Lady: WELL I am at the front register so I can't go check but I will have someone look. HOLD ON.
Me: O-
Lady: HOLD ON.
*lovely hold music again*

Almost 10 seconds later, someone else picks up.

Other lady: This is ******, how can I help you?
Me: I just want to know if you have egg nog.
Other lady: I don't know. Hold on.
*hoooold muuuusic*


Random guy: Hello?
Me: Yes, hello?
Random guy: What?!
Me: *very politely* I have been put on hold about three times... I just want to know if you have egg nog.
Random guy: YEAH.
Me: ... Alright, thank you. *click*

So, I get in to the store to be greeted by bitchy front register woman. She has always been rude to me. She started literally two days after I quit. Well, I wander over to the cooler and pick up a bottle of egg nog. It's completely empty which makes me laugh. We did have some customers who thought it was okay to taste test and then... not buy it. So I pick up a new bottle and bring the empty to an old coworker.

While checking out I got nothing but glares from the bitchy cashier who loudly complained [to nobody, really] that she had to work Christmas. I said, "I'm sorry" just to seem a little sympathetic. She glared again, shoved my reciept at me and I left.

She's also been incredibly rude while I've been in to buy things before. Once I laughed because she checked my ID while I was buying cigarettes. I know it's policy, but we were never that strict. I do not look young. Well, I laughed and mentioned to my friend next to me about when I worked at that store. Bitchy cashier replies rudely, "Well I DON'T KNOW YOU and if you really did work here as you claim, you would know I'd get fired if I didn't so just show me your ID". I said, "I know. I showed you my ID... I know it's policy" "WELL THEN DON'T GET ANGRY. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS *huge sigh*"

I'm close to mentioning it to my old manager. But knowing my old store, they probably taught her to behave the way she does.

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