Level 21 (chaotikablue) wrote in bad_service,
Level 21

Thanks a lot Dell.

First post here. I've been a member for a bit, and I haven't had a reason to post here.

However, a certain incident involving my brother's computer has certainly gotten me angry.

My younger brother is 15, and has greatly improved his grades. My parents wanted to certainly get him something nice for Christmas.. so he requested this video card for his computer(He's a computer gamer. I know nothing about that-I'm a console gamer). So he goes off and does research. His computer is a Dell, bought last year. He calls Dell up multiple times to make sure said video card will actually work with his computer.

He is assured that yes, it will work with his computer.

It arrives last week, and my mom puts it away until this morning. After my brother tries installing it with my father.. It doesn't fit.

Tech support is called(we ordered it under my dad's business account. So I heard we get the nicer techs? I've only delt with dell under business accounts), and after giving some information, they say "Yeah, its not compatible with your computer"

Um what? Why the hell isn't it? He was told multiple times that it was.

So, the tech explains that it has happened to other customers before and that he should speak to customer service and they will ship him a new one free of charge.

We call customer service and they're closed. Fine. My brother can wait. It's Christmas. He's got other stuff to keep him busy for now. He puts everything back together with my father and tries to boot up his computer.

It doesn't work.

I go to help him and try booting it in safe mode, remembering a similar error with my toshiba laptop(It stopped loading at the Windows XP startup screen). And get a lovely System 32 error.

So I promptly mutter "shit" and explain to my brother that when that happened to me, I had to reinstall the operating system with that lovely disc.

I tell him tech support will probably say the same thing, but he decides to call anyway.. and low and behold, they do tell him the same thing.

Luckily my brother was smart and taped the package of discs that came with his computer to the back of his desk so he wouldn't lose them XD, and thank goodness he had nothing of importance on the thing. He's just mad he has to reload all his games.

But still, how could people screw up multiple times? My brother gave all information asked(serial numbers, model numbers, etc.) How could they tell him the card was compatible when it wasn't?

We're happy that it can most likely be fixed, but it sucks that my brother has to lose all his stuff on his computer, AND wait for his video card on Christmas.

Edit: As I was typing this, my brother hinted that they may have sent him the wrong card, which could explain it not working. Still bad service on their part.

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