Jeannie (jaygrl) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Collection Service.

I just want to confirm:

My new husband owes money to an organization and is in collections over it. They refused to send statements and i refused to pay until i get them regularly. We would get a statement once ever 9 months. As of 8 months ago we have been paying faithfully. Last month we didn't receive a statement and i called them. They said that the don't send statemnts and wanted to know when i would be sending this months payment. I told them that i woudln't without proper documentation. She got angry and hung up on me. I called back asking to speak to a supervisor and she hung up on me again. She called back and she told me she was going to sue me. She then said she was the supervisor and i said that i KNEW she had a boss and not to threaten me. Then i hung up on her. She called back stating that she would garnish my husbands wages and she just set it up with his company. I instantly looked it up and made use that he had never been sued and was almost convinced that it is not possible to just garnish without a court order.

Anybody got any information on that front?

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