Blair (_strikes_again_) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service on christmas? Youuu betcha!

I was all excited when I got my Sims 2 with the Open for business expansion pack.  Like a good little sims player, i know I need the security code for the installation. I odnt see it on the back of the package, and I dont see an owners manual inside. So i figure they did something different for security this time around.
Apparently the code is on the back of the manual which I never got with the game.
Electronics are hard to take back once they have been opened so I am nervous that my mom just spent 40 dollars on a box of useless discs.

Im afraid to open any of my other gifts and play with them incase something happened with them as well.
Nevermind. It was stuffed between the cushions on the couch. I guess I was a little more excited that I thought when I opened it. But thanks for the suggestions!
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