Creami Cannoli (creamicannoli) wrote in bad_service,
Creami Cannoli

Not horribly bad service, just the reason why I will no longer shop at one store

I have been looking for tape measures for a 3 and 4 year old to play with. I found some soft ones online, for little kids. I thought that one of the stores in my area would have them, so I went there yesterday. It is called Moon's PLay and Learn and they mainly carry teaching toys and stuff you don't really find in the corporate stores. 

The store was dead. Two women were behind the gift wrapping counter just talking, so when one looks at me and pauses I ask if they carried the soft tape measures for kids. She tells me that they do not, because tape measures tend to snap back and can cut fingers. Then she says that I can order soft ones online. I said, "I know that, I found them online, I thought that you might actually carry them." And she gets pissy and tells me that they do not carry tape measures because they snap back and can cut fingers, but I can try the hardware stores if I really wanted them. I said Thanks and left without buying anything. 

The whole time she was acting like I was just ruining her day and that I was an idiot for asking for SOFT tape measures for children. 

I head to the mall and there is a store called The Toy Box. They are similar to Moon's and they are the competition I guess. The owner took time to find the soft tape measures and answer other questions I had. She also helped me pick out some trains for the kids' train table. All in all it was a great experience and she never acted like we were wasting her time. And her store was packed full of kids and parents buying stuff. 

I told her what happened at Moon's and she thought it was really funny that they would send me to a hardware store rather than her store. 

I won't be going back to Moon's. If I need something that only they carry, I will buy it online. It was just stupid. A friggen HARDWARE store when I asked for soft, children's tape measures.


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