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More of a wtf, but still slightly annoying...

I recently decided to go to a crepe place I'd never been to. It's very small, maybe seats 8 or 10, and mainly does takeout business. As I walk in I see the two crepe-makers talking to this woman. They're mooning over her like she's Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie all in one. So I go up to the counter and the woman asks me if she could help me. But she's still gazing at this woman, who's now on her way out the door. So I gave the woman my order. And just as if it was in a movie or something, she sighs, turns back to me, and says, "What was that?" So yeah, I'm an average looking, somewhat short guy and not Halle Berry...but I've never seen a person actually get all goofy like that over a woman, to the point where they weren't functioning. I did tip 'em, because they do the cooking too, with fresh ingredients, etc., got no "thanks" or anything...just that I overheard the two of 'em as I was eating wondering who put the fiver in their tip jar. Thanks girls! Next time I'll come in in full drag and maybe get better service.

They serve really good food, but I'm not keen on returning to a place where the cashiers/cook border on rudeness just because I'm not a girl. (I must have had the Cloak of Invisibility on that day. And the girl wasn't even that pretty, more like, lotsa hair and thin-ness. My perfect women are Mia Tyler and Kim Coles, so I really wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't been drooling.)

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