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Taxi shenanigans.

So, taxi drivers are around to give people lifts to their destinations, take drunk/sick people home, and generally keep us safe, right?

Wrong, it seems!

My boyfriend and I called for a taxi (Traralgon Taxis) from the CBD back to his place. We got one of those maxi taxis, the vans for disabled people, and we felt bad because we're definitely able-bodied but lazy. Upon taking off, this taxi driver was texting recieving texts on his phone and replying, a big no-no for general driving citizens and even bigger no-no for those who are supposed to be getting their customers from A to B SAFELY!! You might recall a famous incident of texting tragedy when a cyclist was run down by a woman who was texting on her phone instead of paying attention to where she was driving, somewhere in Australia. This guy was putting our lives in danger, and in afternoon last-day-of-school-for-primary-students traffic, he was putting other lives in danger as well.

Yeah, we're okay, but it's bad service to do illegal things whilst on the job, in a vehicle and with paying customers in the same vehicle. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get his taxi number and complain to the company.

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