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Attention Endore ( customers, if there are any (I, and and friend of mine are/were)... you're site is gone, and you're probably not going to be getting it back. If you signed your domain name up somewhere else, then you're lucky (like me) but if you got your domain name, as well as server space through endore (like my friend)... then you're pretty much screwed unless someone starts up a class action lawsuit against them.

Yesterday, Endore servers were up and running, FTP also worked, but for downloading only. Even if you had space left (I have 500MB left) it would claim that your disk was full, and not allow uploads of any kind.

Today, at some point, everything went down, except for three little words (which can be seen by going here: 'OUT OF BUSINESS'

In a panic I snatched up my telephone and called... "the number you are trying to reach is out of service."

They never gave us any warning... no email, no snail-mail... no nothing. Just shut down.

Personally, I'm pissed off, but it's simply a pain in the ass and I can easily get my site back up and running again with a new host. But for people like my friend, who registered his domain name with them (and can't get it back), is screwed. There will be no way for him to get anything back unless something develops.

If you are/were an endore customer and know of a lawsuit we can participate in, or are thinking of starting one your self, please let us know.

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