¿Cachai? (tessibean) wrote in bad_service,

A recent post reminded me of what happened to my parents last week.

A little bit cranky from elementry school students a week before christmas vacation, my Dad opened his visa bill while I was nicely vegging out in our sun room.

"12 Thousand dollars!?"

"...How the hell did you spend 12 thousand dad!?"

"...I didn't.  They've credited me 12,500 dollars and 3 cents."

"..................... what?"

Yup.  This visa is our most used card, it's linked with Cabella's, which is a sporting and hunting goods compant.  My dad gets points for the money he spends, then uses it to buy guns or something :p 

Apparently, my mom wrote a check for 1,500 last month to pay off most of the card.  Instead, they put it in as 15 THOUSAND dollars.  They didn't really CHARGE us that; we called the bank first thing. 

According to cabella's, a machine processes the checks, and there is no human who "checks" the payments or the like.  If we had just not asked them wtf was going on, no one would have caught it O_o

How weird is that?
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