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Not so much as bad_service as no_service :)

So, we had a brand new Power over Ethernet adaptor fail when it was plugged in.. value is about 50 dollars, which is near my "throw it away, it's not worth the hassle to return it" cutoff.. so my brother got to see what Linksys would do:

Here's the email he sent via their form. Names and numbers and stuff changed to protect the guilty. My comments in bold.

Discussion Thread
Customer12/20/2006 04:25 PM
Hooked up the POE injector, splitter, and a WRT54GL v1.1 router. noticed the power light was blinking. unplugged power to the injector, plugged it back in.
light was solid, thought everything was fine. few minutes later i hear a pop/hiss, like a capacitor exploding or something. swapped out the splitter with a
spare, and it is working fine. looking at the splitter, there is a small amount of a brownish liquid that looks like it leaked out of the side notches.

Model no: WAPPOE12 ver 1.1 is the model

RICXXXXXXXXX PE1020 01 is the data off the barcode on the bottom.

It's not the greatest problem report, but it obviously lists everything they'd need to trigger "it blew up, send them a new one if they want one?" Their reply:

Discussion Thread
Response (Icantread (xxxxx))12/21/2006 02:37 PM
Dear Valued Linksys Customer,

Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support. My name is Icantread and I will be assisting your concern.

The device may be experiencing some minor errors due to its headers. To correct this, try upgrading your firmware using the tftp.exe procedure. Please follow
the steps provided below to correct this issue.

When you have the model and version of the device kindly log on to our Linksys downloads site. The link is located below.

Please select your product model and version. Click on the firmware tab and download the firmware.

Go to our ftp site for the tftp.exe file. Please download the tftp.exe file at this site:

Once you have the files downloaded, please run the tftp.exe file.
~U If it asks for a server, type your network~Rs default gateway.
~U If it asks for a password, type admin / your router~Rs password.
~U If it asks for a file, browse the firmware that you have downloaded.

This will upgrade your firmware to the appropriate version.

Once the firmware is properly upgraded, please reset the router.

1. Press the reset button at the back of the router for 15 seconds.
2. Turn the router off for 10 seconds.
3. Re-configure the router

This will install the updated firmware of the router and corrects any errors.

For frequently asked questions, you may visit our knowledgebase at
So obviously they haven't read the original email.

So my brother emails back:
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Just out of curiosity, did you read any of what was said in the problem report?

FYI: there is no firmware for a WAPPOE12. It is a passive device that transmits power over an ethernet line. It has no ip, has no firmware, has no code, has nothing that can be flashed, reconfigured, etc.

Just to make it more clear:
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