:) (ohlife) wrote in bad_service,

We just want some food...

Woo! Live updates on some bad service.

So today, my boyfriend and I decide we want to order a pizza. We choose this place that is less than 3 miles from us, because they've been good in the past and they have great food.

Strike 1:
The phone is answered, he asks me to be put on hold- no problem.

*waits 7 minutes*

Strike 2:
Picks up the phone again, starts into the "welcome to -pizza place-" when I remind him that I'm not a new caller; I've been on hold.

"Oh. Sorry. Can you hold? I'm leaving and this guy needs to take your order."

...Alright, weird, but if they're busy it's entirely possible for them to miss a call every now and then. No biggie.

A new guy picks up, and I can tell it must be crazy there- I can barely understand him over the background noise. It's odd, being 3:00 on a Thursday afternoon, but the place is also a bar so I don't worry too much about it. It takes about 4 minutes for him to understand my phone number, with plenty of "Hello? Are you there?" moments in between. Another 10 minutes to get my order across: 1 medium pizza (half cheese, half ham/pineapple), a side of bread sticks, and a side of fried mozzerella.

He says it could be an hour and a half to two hours- again, they must be busy, and we're not that hungry yet so we agree to wait.

An hour and a half later, they call me again: "I just realized. We're out of fried mozzerella."

"How are you out? It's not even dinner time yet."
"You should get the fried ravioli. It's kinda the same."
"What's the price?"
"What's the price?"
"It's the SAME!"

I know, I really should have given up around this point. Hunger makes people do stupid things. I wish they had told me they were out of the cheese sticks before an hour and a half had passed. Surely it's not that difficult.

I agree to just take the ravioli (hell, we've been waiting this long, and the check I used to write the original price was one of my last checks).

That was 45 minutes ago.

Let's see how much longer this little adventure plays out.

Update! Haha, wow. I posted this entry, waited another 30 minutes, and we'd finally had enough. Called them, and found out that nobody even knew who I was or that I had ordered. I really should have spoken to the manager, but with the background noise I probably would have been repeating myself to him for another 20 minutes- I just hung up (customer suck moment?) and went out for some fast food instead.

It sucks, because the place really does have good food. We'll probably be cautious to order from them again any time soon. =/

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