Katarina (katarina) wrote in bad_service,

Charter places ADVERTISEMENTS in PAID Webmail Pages

I am so furious about this!

I opened up my ISP email, which we pay DEARLY for, and what do I see but advertisements! In my email! That I PAY for! This makes me angry!

I told my husband, and he called to complain. They said that this is the first day they've done this, and they'll pass our complaint to their supervisor. They also gave him the corporate number. When I'm off work, I'll probably call too, because I am the one who uses the webmail program.

I pay for ISP email because I don't like advertisements. I'd expect this from free clients like yahoo! and hotmail, but I PAY for this. They get the revenue to operate the email server from our WALLETS, not from ADS.


So, if you have Charter, please call and complain. A lot.

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