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Walgreen's pharmacy

A post at customers_suck reminded me of this from a couple of weeks ago.

I needed refills on two prescriptions, which are at Walgreen’s, so I called their automated line at around 8:30 in the morning and selected a pick-up time of after 5:00 that afternoon, so I could get them after work. I arrived at the pharmacy about 5:45 p.m., waited in a short line, and got to the counter -- only to be told that my prescriptions weren’t ready and I’d have to wait.

Okay, well, they’d been busy that day, so I could sort of understand. However, it soon became clear that they’d been filling walk-in and drive-up prescriptions ahead of mine, even though I “got in line” 9+ hours earlier. Worse, they CONTINUED taking walk-ins ahead of me after I arrived, instead of immediately putting me next in line, as I would have expected.

I wouldn’t have minded having to wait a few minutes, but it was AN HOUR before they finally got mine done. And no one apologized for any mix-up, just for the wait because they were backed up (as they were saying to everyone).

No, there were no issues with stock or insurance. They simply shoved me repeatedly to the back of the line because I called in a refill instead of bringing in a paper prescription. I haven’t complained to Walgreen’s yet, but that can’t possibly be their policy, can it? If so, what’s the use in having call-in (and online) refills in the first place? Especially considering those “features” were a primary reason that I had my prescriptions transferred to them after I moved.
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