*erica* (ericasuperfly) wrote in bad_service,

How does my order not exist when I have already received half of it?. . . .

I love love love Bust Magazine, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

I placed an order for a year-long subscription and a book on Oct. 3rd. Bust Magazine comes out bi-monthly so the next issue was to be delivered at the end of November. I received the book I purchased with the subcription less than a week after I placed the order.

Time passes.

Soon, it's the end of November, and I am eagerly awaiting my December/January issue of Bust (with the lovely Parker Posey gracing the cover). I wait and wait and wait and try to stop myself from fingering through the issue when I see it at the bookstore. I finally decide that enough is enough on Dec. 5th, find the confirmation e-mail, and e-mail their subscription support.

A week passes and no response. So I e-mail again. Another week passes, and surprise! no response.

I call their customer service number, and am told that my order does not exist. Well that's odd especially since a)I have already received half of my order and b)I'm pretty sure I was charged for the full order. Fine, as per their request, I print out the e-mail confirmation I have and my credit card statement (ah ha! I was charged!!) and fax these items over to their office. I call their customer service number again to ensure that they received my fax (I'm not entirely cool with faxing my credit card statement to a business, but whatever) only to be told that because I not made the fax to the attention of such-and-such person (why they didn't tell me this the first time, I don't know) my request would take a few weeks to process. However,I can fax these documents again to the attention of such-and-such a person and they will handle it immediatley.

This was 2 days ago, and I still have yet to hear anything. Nothing, nada, zilch. At this point, I just want some e-mail acknowledging that they messed up. I know 2 days isn't much, but all in all it's been 2+ weeks of me trying to contact their customer service. I got no response via e-mail (2 times), and all of the customer service reps I talked to on the phone (3 times) were very snotty and condescending and all in all, completely unhelpful.

I guess in the end they win because I am still the one without my copy of Bust.

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