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I don't know if this counts as bad service or not, but I got a call from my dentist this afternoon at work. Appartently I am not even sure what happened but my insurance denied claims or something like that. HE said my insurance company should have called me; which they haven't. I have no idea what he is talking about and obviously I need to call my insurance company to see what is going on. I am in the middle of a pile of work piling around me and trying to understand and figure out what is going on. I told the guy I need to talk to my insurance company and see what is going on. He then is hounding me and basically was telling me that I should drop everything I was doing in the middle of a busy day and call my insurance company and figure what is going on. I was like I am busy and what is a day or two to give me time to et in contact with my insurance to figure things out. You know where I live and where I work I am not going anywhere. Because you said that can I call you tomorrow to know. First off my isnurance company has the same hours I do and I am burried under work at the moment and plus I have an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow morning. I wouldn't have been so agrivated with them if they guy had been less pushy and an ass about it. Oh and one other thing. The amoumts you said I owed I already paid 20% of those when I was in the office and luckily I have the credit card transactions to prove that fact.

Okay a mini update: It appears I used up my allowed dental coverage for the year. The sucky part is that they knew how much coverage I had and what was left and they let me total up over $900 in services my insurance did not cover. Had they let me know that insurance would not cover it I would have waited the 2 months to get the work done so that insurance would have covered most of the work.
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