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I'm pissed off. Why?

Because earlier a guy came to turn the gas off. Mom hadn't paid the bill. Well. She just paid it. So he came back to re-connect the gas. I was actually impressed he got back out on the same day.

But that isn't what made me mad. He had to come in and turn off all the things that use gas.. I guess so he didn't blow up. Well. He didn't whipe his feet, or put thoes little shoe covers on. Now there are huge foot prints all over the beautiful rug in the front room, all over the kitchen, and all over the carpet in my sisters room and in the hall. He had like.. this black shit on his shoes. I called customer support and complained (once again, very politely). They said that "they weren't responsible" and that "they could not change policy because of one complaint". And I can't belive how rude they were to me. I was polite when they cut off the gas, I was polite when I let a stranger into my house, even thought it made me very, very uncomfertable. He, of course, didn't say "please" or "thank you" or anything to me. He called my parrots (Who do scream when new people come into the house and walk around the cage) "flying rats" and than made a snide remark about all my animals. I put my two more aggressive dogs outside, in the rain for him. There was no way in hell I could be accused of being a bad customer. And I get treated like shit. Thanks, you gas company bastards.

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