Jen Ever (foofish) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Ever

how i bought pants at a closed store.

One of my coworkers, who's a chubby gal, yet a snappy dresser, has been singing the praises of Avenue for the longest time. I knew there was one coming to my local shopping center soon, and yesterday, I finally saw the huge "hey, we're open!" banner.

Lo and behold. I find a pretty snazzy pair of pants.. Only 14.99! I head on up to the register to buy them, and glance at my phone to check the time, as I was trying to kill time before my nephew's birthday party.

The fellow who's ringing me up tells me my total: 51 and change. I show him the price hanging on the hanger, and the massive rack of pants, all the same style, all the same price. He confers with his coworker, who advises me that the sale doesn't start until tomorrow. I asked where I was supposed to see that. He responds by telling me that the store isn't actually open until tomorrow, and the price cannot be adjusted.

He goes away to call a manager to figure out how to override this, and I make pleasant conversation with the original guy. Clerk #2 comes back, punches some buttons on the register, and again tells me no dice, the store isn't open until tomorrow. That still doesn't cut it for me.

It took 40 minutes, and after his third phone call to whoever, he finally was able to override the price.
Though he did tell me again that I should come back tomorrow, when they're open.

End result: I won't be shopping there again, for fear of trespassing.

ETA: If there's a giant "NOW OPEN!" banner above a store full of customers, and a truck like the one below parked on the side of the road beckoning me to enter - Does it make me a bad person for thinking that the store is open, and that I deserve to be snarked at by the clerk because the store isn't open yet? I didn't make it clear initially that the salesguy was really quite bitchy to me, making it seem that it was CLEARLY my fault that I didn't know that the advertised prices weren't valid yet, because the store wasn't open.

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