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Bad mail carrier! Hello ID theft!

So I've never been fond of our mail carrier. The few times I've run into him at the mailbox he's been curt to a simple "hello" and has lost mail for us a couple of times. One time was my boyfriend's birthday present from me of a set of cufflinks, which eventually (after buying a replacement pair) wound up sitting on our doorstep one day. This tells me that despite his claims to the contrary, he just put them in the wrong mailbox. But once I got them, I really stopped caring. It's probably not easy to deliver to apartments with a huge group of enormous mailboxes and get everything right.

So apparently yesterday he said "fuck it" and stopped trying.

When I went to the mailbox at six last night (and he was nowhere in sight), what did I see but a US Postal Service mail bin. And in it? People's effing MAIL. I searched through to make sure none of it was mine and found that it belonged to several people at the complex. It was like he just stopped delivering in the middle and left the mail there to be stolen! We've got huge identity theft issues in our area, and now at least I have some idea why.


At least when I called the USPS, they took the complaint really seriously. Very nice service on the phone.

Edit: they forwarded it to the local post office, who just called. They asked lots of questions, so it seems like they're doing a real investigation. Unfortunately, he did ask whether I just left the mail out there, which I did (the apartment office was closed and I wasn't comfortable putting it in my apartment) and now I feel kinda guilty.

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