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beyond irate @ USPS & Canada Post

i can only presume marimac's package has not arrived because i'm sure she'd post a thank you about it.

in that case:
dear USPS and Canada Post,
WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and regardless--since this has happened before--what the fuck do i pay tracking fees for when both websites say nothing more than "package accepted at point of origin on December 4, 2006 at 3:29pm"?!!!!!!!! does this mean customs does not scan packages when they check them at the border now?!! or do i have to be afraid that it has yet--two weeks later!!--to even leave the fucking country?!!!!!

i pay tracking fees for a i can TRACK the shit because it's SUPPOSED TO BE SCANNED AT EVERY POINT IT STOPS!!!

i'm seriously calling the fucking post office tomorrow. and if i had a toll free number for Canada Post, i'd fucking call them too. either way, i want my money back.

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