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Is it bad service yet?

You might as well hear the whole story, which is starting to get long and irritating.  First I have to argue for hours on November 27 to get them to even consider repairing my computer.  (Not going into that hell again).  Then I send it in three days later via DHL: I hear nothing from Dell for over 2 weeks.  Then I call to see where it is on Saturday  (after first having to get customer service to give me the codes I need in order for me to even get through the system to the tech people- all those wonderful numbers on the bottom of your computer that I don’t have because –duh- they have my computer), and nobody can tell me where my laptop is or if it was even received. I'm told to call DHL on Monday to see if they have it.  Very helpful, wonderful service, that is.  DHL tells me this morning it was delivered on the first.  I called back today, getting a tech who speaks beautiful colloquial American English (what a novelty) and isn’t reading off of a script! and am told I have to wait another two days to get any answers while he e-mails the depot asking where it is.  (incidentally, does anybody remember that time about five or six years ago when Dell launched a marketing campaign, priding themselves on NOT outsourcing their “award-winning” technical support?)   This at least was more help than the last guy could give me (he told me he had no way at all to check repair status), so I figured this was fine.  At least I’ll get some answers, if slowly.  Then, finally, three hours ago I get an e-mail that my computer has been received at the depot- 17 DAYS AFTER IT WAS RECEIVED AND SIGNED FOR AT THE DEPOT, ACCORDING TO DHL RECORDS:

Your Dell notebook has been received at the repair center.
What's Next?
• Please review your dispatch information below and keep this email for reference. If you need to make any changes to the dispatch contact information, please visit our Support Center or Click Here to chat with a live support representative.
• You will receive an email when your repair has been completed or if there are any status changes.

Dispatch Information
Dispatch Number: ********         
Service Tag: ********         
Contact Name: ANGELA ANGELA          
Contact Phone: 319*******          

The contact information in the e-mail I have finally received is totally incorrect.   Obviously my first and last names are NOT the same, and the phone number they have listed is one from four moths ago, where my computer was originally shipped when I bought it nearly a year ago.   I'm not sure how many times in the past four days  I have confirmed my name and phone number, but apparently it was one too few. What idiots.  I was told my entire repair and shipment would take about 5-8 business days and so far it has taken seventeen days, apparently for anyone to notice my computer was even at the depot (that is, if they didn’t just misplace it and not find it until I called to inquire and they couldn’t find it).  17 FRIGGIN’ DAYS. I’m told they get backed up this time of year.  How?  I understand that shipping delays happen over the holidays? But under-warranty computer repair?  HOW?  How does that make sense?  My computer has not even been TOUCHED by a technician yet.  This is absolutely ridiculous service.  I will go buy an iBook before I EVER buy another Dell.  From me, that’s saying a hell of a lot

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