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when there's two...

This is more of a general question than a specific suck, although I can certainly cite individual examples to back it up.

Why is that when there are two of a francise store in a smallish town, one invariably is absolutely awful?

We have two Subways in my town, the one on 6th and the one on Main. 6th is marvelous: parking is easy, it has enough staff on to take care of customers, they are always friendly, it has all the toppings, sauces and specials you see on tv, heck it even has provolone cheese! The one on Main downtown is a bit smaller, which reduces its toppings by about a third. Fine, that's completely understandable given the smaller space, as is the difficulty in finding parking. But why is the bread always so much drier and faintly stale? Why are the tables always coated with crumbs? And why are the employees so much surlier? And why do they (as opposed to the artists on 6th) insist on automatically putting crappy processed american cheese on my sandwich without asking? I'm glad I don't follow kosher rules!

What are your experiences? Does every town that has two of something have one atrocious and one stellar? Is this phenomenon nation or world wide?
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