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This has become extended bad service...

November 15th, I called WellsFargo, for a replacement debit card. The woman I spoke to was very friendly and helpful, and informed me that my current debit card would still function while I waited for my new debit card. It would deactivate once the new card arrived.

I waited until December 12th, before I called back, because I had also been informed that it would only take 3-5 days. Apparently it didn't. I called after about a week and a half, and they told me they would send me another one. December 12th, the first one, and second one, never arrived.

Curiouser and curiouser.

So, I call, again. I get some nasal hag who can barely keep from telling me to shut up the entire time. She's eager to let me know that I have the wrong department.

Hag: You can't do that through me! WE HAVE A LOST CARD NUMBER YOU NEED!"
Me: It's not lost, it never arrived.
Hag: I think that would mean it's lost.
Me: It hasn't even been activated.
Hag: Whatever, fine.

So my lovely little beacon of customer service gets me a third card, tells me all the same things the others did before her. Please let me stress that I was informed my card would not be canceled. Would NOT be canceled, I could still use it until my new card arrives.

That night I had to go to the store to buy some food for my home. I go to our local grocery store, am about to pay and the debit machine says "DO NOT HONOR." Now, this has actually happened before at this store, it doesn't like my card, it was partially why I was getting a new one to begin with. No big deal, I'll pay with my credit card.

So, I go home, check my bank account, my card is still active, and I have enough money. Must be the grocery store. Strange.

The next day I attempt to pay my cell phone bill. This is an automated service, so it doesn't require scanning. My transaction could not be processed.

So... I pay with a check.

Now, mind you this is a debit card, this goes directly into my bank account, where I have this money. So, I finally call Wells Fargo again. At this point I am talking to a woman who is actually almost... helpful. Eerie.

My card had been deactivated and marked as stolen.


So, since then, because my neighborhood stores and area will not accept checks, because of the consistency of bouncing checks, I have been leeching off of my fiancee.

Hopefully I'll actually get my card this time, and it won't be stolen.
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