tree (rainingfordays) wrote in bad_service,

A pizza for who? Bad service rectified.

So my boyfriend and I had just taken a breather from moving his stuff into my apartment, and we decided we were hungry. I had to run an errand and offered to pick up a pizza if he called it in. So he called one of our local pizza joints and ordered a large pizza under my name. He also left his cell phone number and asked if could be ready at a specific time (45 minutes from when he ordered it).

After finishing my errands, I get there 5 minutes early.

Me: Hi, I'm picking up a large tomato and meatball pizza for *my name*. It might also be under *boyfriend's name*.
Cashier: Hmm. *scrolls through computer* Can you give me the phone number?
Me: *does so*
Cashier: I'm not seeing the pizza here. Sorry.
Me *whaaaaaaa?*

Rather than yelling, I decided to go home to make sure my boyfriend had gone through with the order. When I found out he did, he called back and spoke to the cashier again.

Boyfriend: Hi, my girlfriend just came in to pick up a large tomato and meatball pizza under *my name* and was told it wasn't there.
Cashier: (from what I could tell, they had made the pizza, just didn't put it under the right name or the right phone number)
Boyfriend: *whaaaaaa?*

So I went back to pick up the pizza, and another employee was there. Apparently it was the cashier's first day and she hadn't been doing well. He was very apologetic, charged us 1/2 price for the pizza and gave us really good coupons to use for later.

I was very close to ripping the owner a new one, though, since they have never put the right name to the right order. Once they told me my order was under Susan. Their credit card machine is always breaking. The solution? Ask customers to go to the ATM across the street to take out money. Of course, it's one of those independent ATMs that charges everyone $2.50. Ugh.
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