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All I want for christmas is my boyfriend's Ipod...

I had decided to give my boyfriend an Ipod Nano for Christmas. Realizing we were getting close to the big day, I browsed around online, since I really hate going into the big-box electronics stores at this time of year, and found that Circuit City was offering the 4GB model for $10 off. Not much when you're buying a $200 gadget, but I've always had good experiences with them.

I placed the order one week ago, adding a $15 accessory pack so he can charge his new IPod at work or in the car, all that jazz. I tracked the package online; it was delivered via FedEx on Thursday, to my apartment office. I picked it up on Friday and didn't have the chance to open the box until today. When I did, the only thing inside was a bunch of packing material and the accessory pack. I was livid.

I called the 1-800 number and got on the line with David, who was properly horrified, and who immediately launched a "missing-item" investigation. I held my temper as best I could and apologized for being so upset. However, he regretfully informed me that there was no way that my item would be replaced before Christmas, since it was likely "stolen out of the box, and not a shipping error on our end". I asked him what, exactly, he suggested I do--this was an expensive item and my boyfriend's gift. He told me my best bet was to get a refund and replace the IPod by going to the store. I wasn't thrilled with this solution, but having no other choice, that's what I did.

Grinding my teeth, I threw a few breakable objects against the walls of my bedroom to make myself feel better and checked the online inventory at a nearby Circuit City store. The website proclaimed that they did indeed have multiple green 4GB Ipod Nanos in stock, so off I went.

I stood in the MP3 section of the Dearborn Circuit City for nearly 20 minutes, during which time I saw no less than 4 employees wander past, none of whom appeared to be doing much of anything but who professed to be incapable of helping me, and each promised to "send someone over". At first, I believed them, but after the third such promise I realized I'd have to take matters into my own hands. I finally tracked down the beleaguered associate in charge of IPods; when I approached him he snapped at me that he was with another customer. Finally, I learned that they did not, in fact, have the item I wanted. I tried to storm out the "In" door and was hollered at by a security guard, after which I meekly, if pissily, exited through the correct door. I threw my keys on the ground, stomped a bit, and got back in my car to head across the street to Best Buy.

However, I was distracted by the shiny Radio Shack signage which declared that they stocked IPods. With much joy, because I adore Radio Shack, I parked and went up to the door, pulled on the handle, and nearly dislocated my shoulder, because naturally the store had closed 5 minutes before and the door was locked (the hours-of-operation signage was much more difficult to read in the dark, and not so shiny). I muttered, "Well, fuck you, Radio Shack..." and once again stomped to my car.

Generally, I don't like Best Buy very much. This time, though, they managed to make my night. They were busy; I had to wait nearly another 10 minutes for a free associate, but they had the correct IPod in stock; the associate wasted no time in retrieving one and escorting me to a free register and didn't try to sell me any accessories. As it turned out, there was also an offer running where you get a $20 gift card when you buy the IPod Nano. Ahmed, the nice guy on the register, rang me up quickly, didn't try to talk me into the protection plan, listened to my saga, and generally defused my temper. Ahmed, if you read this, have a cookie. He told me I should definitely keep the gift card for myself. Ahmed rocks.

I'm not so mad at Circuit City, per se, because I understand mistakes (and thefts) happen; I know they have to have policies in place and can't just drop-ship me a new IPod because I said it wasn't in the box; however, I was really quite furious. I placed an expensive order and now have to wait for a refund, and had to go to the trouble to obtain a replacement, and not get so much as a "sorry". I just hope there's no trouble with getting the refund; David said it would take about a week, but we'll see. At least it's on my credit card so if they try to give me crap I can still dispute it with Visa. Le sigh.

Ah well, now I can figure out how to spend my $20...
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