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Wendy's fun, and more!

None of these are tremendously awful, just a number of small things that I’ve been reminded of as I read through the community today.

There is a Wendy’s in my area that, in my experience, has become notorious for bad service. Mostly it is a number of little things, but I have never had a good experience there. It is the sort of thing where I feel like I am bothering them by being a customer.

One time, my mother and I went through the drive through. As we were getting out our money to pay, the employee at the food pick-up window already was holding our bag out the window. I understand that they need to make good time at the drive through, but subtley would have at least been a nice touch. Also, I don’t think there was anyone behind us. When we got up to the window, we were wordlessly handed the food. Nothing HORRIBLE, but just... rude. Politeness goes a long way.

A few weeks later, my friend and I were out shopping when her younger sister called, needing a ride home from the movies. We picked her up and she mentioned she was hungry and hadn’t yet eaten, so we went through the drive through. She ordered a spicy chicken sandwich. We get the sandwich and are leaving when she comments that they didn’t give her a spicy chicken, but a regular chicken. Now, none of us tasted it, but as she said, she’s ordered those sandwiches a lot and this one wasn’t in the least bit spicy. I’ve ordered a number myself and I’m inclined to believe her. So we went back around. My friend very politely mentioned that we’d ordered a spicy chicken and that we’d gotten a regular chicken.

“No,” argued the lady at the window (who, for reference, was the same lady who had been holding our bag out the window in the first story). “You got a spicy chicken.”

Still politely, either my friend or her sister (I can’t remember which) mentioned that they order that sandwich a lot, and this definitely tastes like a regular chicken. It isn’t spicy.

Window Lady argues more, saying it was definitely a spicy chicken and that is a spicy chicken and we got a spicy chicken. I can’t remember what all she said, but it was just getting ridiculous. Maybe it was a bland spicy chicken, but she went on and argued so vehementally that it was just... what the crap? Is it worth this? Just give us a new one, and if it’s not spicy, so be it. Make some effort to correct the order, maybe? But no. She was more hung up on being right (”THAT IS A SPICY CHICKEN!”) than addressing the issue.

My friend asked for the manager’s name.

“I’m the manager,” the woman snapped.

Not willing to actually argue about the spiciness of the chicken patty, my friend calmly informed her that we would be calling the district office, and we left. Without the stupid spicy chicken sandwich. It makes me angry just as a matter of principle.

Story number three! Another friend and I decided to go through the drive through of this same Wendy’s, right around when the vanilla Frosties came out. She said they were so good and I hadn’t tried one yet, so we went to get some. We get to the window, and she gets a vanilla Frosty, and I get vanilla soup.

“Mine’s not frozen,” I point out.

“Oh,” the employee says, “You can still eat it.”

I’m still trying to work my mind around that one. “But... it’s not frozen, it’s... liquid.”

“It’s still safe to eat.”

I think I stared wordlessly at this point, and then asked if I could have another, frozen one.

Something about the machine taking a while to freeze (which I totally understand, but that doesn’t mean I want to eat it in the meantime) and again, that it was safe to eat. I think I asked if it would be possible to wait and get a frozen one, and the employee said, “You can get a chocolate one.”

No, see, that is the WRONG ANSWER. When I ordered a new!vanilla frosty, I wanted to try a new!vanilla frosty, in ice cream form. I think I said “no” and he insisted again it was safe to eat. I don’t care if it’s safe to eat, it’s not... it’s not right! It’s not ice cream, it’s... melted junk. At that point I gave up and asked if I could just have my money back. The conversation was going nowhere productive.

Okay, I realize that this is hardly a wonderful establishment and I should not expect good service, but it IS a sort of restaurant, and I do pay to eat there, and the employees are paid to work there. This seems like enough reason to expect decent service, at least.

I go in one morning and order a bacon, egg and cheese bagel and tater tots, which are listed as an option on the menu. “With fries or tater tots” it says. I pay cash, so any excuses about it being tuition money or just a college student thing shouldn’t necessarily be valid (not that they should anyway) because I could’ve just as easily been a guest.

I wait until my name is called, I get my order, which is a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel with french fries.

I take it back. I say, “Excuse me, I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese with tater tots.”

The girl at the counter looks at me, with a scathing glare previously reserved for snooty high school girls. “Well, I didn’t make it,” she snarks.

“No, but it isn’t what I ordered.”

Snarky Girl consults with someone in the back, comes back out and says, “We’re out of bacon.”

Okay? Couldn’t you have told me that when I ordered, or when you found out, and asked what I wanted instead of making up my mind for me? Because if I had known that, I probably would have gotten something else. Or what if I had wanted my money back I realize the things are similar but it ISN’T what I ordered, and it’s not up to you to determine my preferences for me. I can make that call, thanks. Also, learn to be polite. Just because it’s a school snack shop doesn’t mean you can act however you want. I swear, some of the stuff people do there would never fly at McDonald’s, and I don’t exactly hold McDonald’s up as the epitome of good service.
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