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A conversation at the Wendy's drive-thru:

Employee: "Welcometowendysmayitakeyourorder"
Husband: "Hi, I'd like a number 5 (chicken grill) with a side salad and a medium lemonade." *pause*
(Stuff shows up on screen, but as a small lemonade instead of a medium.)
Employee: "What size you want that coke?"
(In Southern parlance, "coke" can mean any kind of soft drink, so my husband assumed she meant the lemonade and said "medium." "1 Medium Coke" shows up on the screen.)
Husband: "Oh, no, I'm sorry, I meant I'd like the lemonade on the combo to be medium. No Coke. *turns to me and says quietly,* did I say Coke?"
Me: "Nope. Maybe she couldn't hear you correctly. The screen still says small lemonade."
Employee: "What kind of dressing for that salad?"
Husband: "None, thank you."
Employee: "Will that be all?"
Husband: "No, I'd also like the jalapeno cheeseburger combo with a Caesar salad and a medium lemonade, please."
Employee: "Would you like to make that a combo?"
Husband: "...Yes."
Employee: "What kind of drink?"
Husband: "Medium lemonade, please."
Employee: "Will that be all?"
Me: "The screen still says small lemonade."
Husband: *to the employee* "The screen still says small lemonade on the first combo, can you change it to a medium?"
Employee: "It already IS a medium."
Husband: "Oh. Okay, that's all then."
Employee: "Your total is 12.13, please drive around."

We drive around, pay, get to the 2nd window, and we're handed our order. Two bags, 1 medium lemonade, 1 small lemonade. Le sigh.

Husband: "Excuse me, ma'am? We ordered a medium lemonade."
Employee #2: "We didn't charge you for it." *blank stare*
Husband: "I ordered it and verified with the person taking the order that it was a medium."
Employee (#1, maybe?) "Just give them the medium."

We get home and find we have 2 Caesar salads. I didn't really want one, but I don't dislike them, so I open it anyway. I go to put on the croutons, and find instead crispy noodles and slivered almonds. Now I can understand if they were out of croutons and simply substituted the noodles and almonds to maintain crunch factor, but sheesh. Is it so hard to say "I'm sorry, we're out of croutons, would you like crispy noodles and slivered almonds?"  We wouldn't have cared.  Again, hubby and I aren't picky eaters, so we pop the almonds and noodles onto our salads and munch away.

I live in a relatively small town of less than 20,000 people. I've been to every fast food joint in our downtown area, and approximately 90% of the time, my order is wrong. There's one McDonald's that got my order wrong 6 times in a row. (I go there every Tuesday to eat lunch with my mom.) Sometimes it's as small as no tomato on a sandwich, sometimes it's regular instead of decaf coffee. (This is big to me since I'm VERY sensitive to caffeine.) It's really like they just don't care what you order and give you whatever's laying around that remotely matches your order. I don't call a lot because I just don't expect a big change if I do call to complain - it's fast food, what can I possibly expect - but it annoys me. Tonight I felt like posting and boring all of you. :)

2 things before I end my minor tale of woe:

1. When did "You weren't charged for it" become the acceptable replacement for "I'm sorry, let me get you your" whatever it was I ordered in the first place? I'm even okay with "We didn't charge you for it, let me get that for you, that'll be a buck fifteen." YOU made the mistake, correct it.  Especially annoying after I've already paid, with a debit card, and I'm not going to put 50 cents on my debit card so I can get my medium instead of a small lemonade.  I really like Wendys' lemonade.
2. I was surprised to see bacon on the Caesar salad I didn't order. I looked on Wendys' website and indeed, they put bacon, standard, on their Caesar salads. Now I'm not a chef or anything, but I've never seen any other restaurant with bacon on a Caesar salad. Ah well.
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