Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Ok, not really bad service again but....

Am I wrong in expecting that if you're on the clock, supposedly working, with four hours to the store closing that you shouldn't be attempting to kiss your girlfriend (or boyfriend) while a customer is waiting to speak to you? Hmm?

Last night we went to JCPenney and after I bought some items I went downstairs to catalog in order to get some gift boxes. The catalog area is empty except for the guy (about 18/19) working behind the counter and a girl talking to him. As I approach I first think that she's a customer until she tippy toes up to him and he leans over to kiss her. Not just a peck mind you but an attempted French kiss! LOL I couldn't help it, I laughed very loudly because it was so damn funny. The girl broke off the kiss and turned beet red and the boy looked annoyed that I interrupted them. He should be happy I'm not an EB to go hunt down a manager or demand he call one over. I got my boxes and left, looking back they went back to kissing. I laughed as I left.

Today I went shopping again and again went down to catalog to get gift boxes. The boy was once again working and he ended up helping me. I asked him if he ended up getting any work done that night OTHER then kissing his girlfriend, his turn to turn beet red and his co-workers began laughing at him. Oh well, I got revenge for the night before. ;)

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