creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

A bit annoyed..

Today I stopped at PetSmart to see if they carried the chicken jerky my dog likes. They don't, but while I was there I noticed that Santa was there and pets were getting pictures taken with him. I thought it was pretty cute and almost half the money went to some sort of charity.

I went home and got my pug Maggie and we headed back to PetSmart so she could have her pic taken with Santa. Before we left I cleaned her up a bit (brushed her teeth, washed her face, etc.) While doing this I noticed her nails needed to be trimed. Perfect! I'll get her nails done before the pics. When I got there the groomers were pretty busy. I asked if Maggie could get her nails trimmed. The one lady said sure in a few minutes after the other employee was finished with the dog she was working on.

There were 4 groomers and another one asked if I was looked after and I said yes that groomer will be cutting her nails when she is finished with that dog. She then says "good I don't like pugs." I was stunned! Then another groomer pipes up and says "neither do I, I was bit by one yesterday." I thought good! You probably deserved it. It's so unprofessional to comment that you don't like a certain breed of dog in front of a customer who actually owns one!

The groomer who did cut her nails did a good job and was happy to do it. If she wouldn't have been decent (like the other two bitches) I would have just walked out and talked to a manager.
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