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Various "wtf" services

Today my college roommate and I went to the local mall, trying to get some holiday shopping done. We encountered the most fucked up service, I swear. Do the holidays make every retail person lose their minds? I work in a bookstore, I still have my mind... even during finals! What are these people's excuses?

We were in Charlotte Russe, trying to find inexpensive dresses for a Christmas party we're going to. My roommate was finishing up in the dressing room as I waited around outside. The dressing room attendent was scowling at me and lazily hanging clothes (as in, she'd pick up a hanger, stare at it for a moment, stare at the shirt in her other hand, then at the hanger again, then at the shirt... you get the idea). Then her cellphone rang, some extremely loud and obnoxious rap song. I understand that that's her musical preference, but a cellphone on the job? She picked it up and immediatly started bitching, loudly, about her job and her boss and all the "ugly dumbasses" she has to serve. Well, excuse me princess! She then noticed she had a girl waiting to get a dressing room, giving her a rather odd look because of the phone coversation.

The attendent sighed and, while still on the phone went to unlock a dressing room. Except, instead of checking to see if anyone was in the dressing rooms (looking for feet under the door or knocking), she just opened one at random. A girl was in there, changing, and shrieked at the top of her lungs and quickly covered herself. The attendent didn't say she was sorry and just went to the next dressing room, which was thankfully empty.

About this time, my roommate comes out of the dressing room with the dresses that didn't fit. They were all helpfully put back on their hangers. She held them out to the attendent and said, politely, "I guess these didn't work out" and indicated that she wanted to hand them off so the attendent could hang them on the rejected-clothes rack. The attendent gave her a look and said "I don't feel like it, put them away yourself". I seriously did a double take. My roommate, who is a pushover, just frowned and walked out, muttering how it was that girl's job to take the clothes.

If we hadn't been in a real rush, I would have asked to speak with a manager. That's unacceptable. Sure, I hate it when a customer leaves books at the counter for me to shelve, but I do it because it's my job. That girl needs a serious attitude adjustment, maybe in the form of a pink slip.

An hour or so after the Charlotte Russe incident, roommate and I decided we were hungry and went to a nearby Applebee's. Now, since it's Applebee's, we don't expect five star service, but wow was this abysmal. The hostess smiled at us and said, cheerfully, "I'm having a MISERABLE day, and how are you?". o.O Er... we just sort of stared at her as she smiled more. We couldn't tell if she was just joking so sort of shrugged it off and got a table.

Our waitress was another winner. She didn't listen to us when we gave her our orders and had to return twice to ask us what we wanted. That wasn't entirely annoying, I'm glad she checked so we got what we wanted. The thing is, we never saw her again. Our food was extremely lacking. My burger had maybe six french fries with it, and my roommate's wrap was missing dressing. We had to flag down other waitresses to ask for everything; drink refills, more fries and the dressing (which we never got, we never saw THAT waitress again either).

Of course, the second we were done with our meal, our waitress returned and gave us the check, then hung around like a vulture while we got out our money and such. The most we ever saw her was during that time, and the second our money was on the table, she nearly ran over and took it. Uh, gee, thanks?

Despite the utter lack of service, we still tipped ten percent because stiffing people isn't something we ever think of doing. But damn, she didn't deserve it. We're never eating at Applebee's again if the food doesn't come out properly and if the wait staff act like that.

What a bad day for service! Yikes. We would have been better staying in and watching TV or studying!

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