Play nice or be at the business end of my snark. (kettlechip) wrote in bad_service,
Play nice or be at the business end of my snark.

It's great you celebrate Christmas, but not everyone else does.

I don't know if it was the matter of an over-zealous cashier or just a plain ignorant one, or worse, both. She rung my purchases through correctly, so on that side of things it's not bad service. More WTF service than anything.

Cashier: (ringing up the total of the customer ahead of me) "Oh! I hate that number! Your total is $6.66."
Customer: "Oh, I hate any number that I have to pay." *nervous chuckle*
Cashier: "666 is the number of SATAN. It's an EVIL, EVIL NUMBER."

(So... that roast beef and bag of Corn Nuts are evil and they're gonna choke him? Maybe from cholesterol, but not from inherent evil. And for the record, Corn Nuts are not evil! They are delicious, crunchy, oily nuggets of goodness! Evil, my ass. But I digress.)

Customer: (looking uncomfortable) *blink blink* Uh... okay. *takes change, runs away*
Cashier: (after ringing my purchases) "Your total is $xx.xx."
Me: *handing her credit card, signs slip* "Thank you very much, and have a good evening."
Cashier: "And YOU have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Now, logic dictates I should not have even contributed further to the conversation given the diatribe she spew forth with the previous customer. However, I was pretty slow at the switch.

Me: "Actually, my family is Buddhist; we don't celebrate Christmas, but thank you, anyway."
Cashier: "You mean you don't celebrate CHRISTMAS? EVERYONE celebrates Christmas!"
Me: "Maybe in your world. But happy holidays to you, regardless."
Cashier: "It's MERRY CHRISTMAS. *I* celebrate Christmas."
Me: "But not everyone else does. Have a good evening."

I'm glad I held my tongue. The last thing I needed was a theological argument. I hope she encounters some nasty snark later on tonight, though.

EDIT: Let me get a few things straight here.

1. This was not meant as a whiny OMGyoudon'trecognizemyreligion!!!! post. It was not intended to incite a theological debate.

2. THE.CASHIER.WAS.OBNOXIOUS. I ADMITTED I should not have perpetuated the discussion (note the word "discussion," not "argument") but given her fire-and-brimstone reaction, I thought I was being as polite and pleasant as humanly possible. I committed a faux pas by mentioning I don't celebrate the holiday, yes, but how on earth was I being rude and stooping to her level by saying, "I don't celebrate Christmas, but thank you, anyway"? If a cashier is foaming at the mouth and lecturing me about Christmas, you bet your bippy I'll say something, but at least it will be in a polite manner.

3. For the love of Pete, I'm not saying no one should ever say "Merry Christmas"! I said I don't celebrate it, and the cashier went crazy. Who's being the overzealous one? Geeze, people. I'm not demanding the PC Police get involved.

4. And no, the thought of reporting her to management did not even cross my mind. What would be the point of that?
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