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Gee Transport Service

So far we've had two bad experiences with them.

My boyfriend is mad about ebay. Some months ago he ordered a Sega and controllers, and they were coming from Pakenham to Traralgon. The seller sent them down with Gee, addressed to 24 C1 cresent.

It was weeks before their neighbour next door brought them a card from Gee transport saying they'd tried to deliver it to their house and this was the final notice. Oookayy, deliver to 22/26 instead of 24 when 24 has a great big two and four on the front door? Since when were numbers so hard to read? Why was it so difficult for them to look for the number on the door? It's their job to deliver parcels, you'd think they'd know how to look for house numbers. My boyfriend finally got his damn Sega after being run around to the post office numerous times and getting on the phone to Gee in Pakenham who wanted him to go up there to collect it, but he said "NO! You made the mistake, so you bring it down here like you were supposed to do!" which is what they eventually did.

The second and more recent dealing had to do with a day that we were walking home. We saw a Gee van pull up as we got into my boyfriend's driveway (24 C1 cresent) and a guy hopped out and gave a parcel to my boyfriend. The parcel was addressed 24 C2 (a different cresent) and on the sheet my boyfriend signed, it said 24 CTHREE cresent! Summary: the guy delivers it to C1 cresent, addressed to C2 cresent and made my boyfriend sign next to C3 cresent. The only thing these streets have in common is that they start with C and around here, the streets are labeled and signed very clearly.

The bosses at Gee Transport really have to give their employees literacy tests or something before they employ them, because these guys can't read printed address labels or a STREET MAP (let alone street signs) for god's sake! They can't even tell 22 from 24! Either that or they're really fucking lazy, and really fucking lazy people lose customers.

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