Ashinae (ashinae) wrote in bad_service,

Open letter. Need to get this off my chest.

Dear Lady:

I know it's Christmas. And it's busy. I know you work in a store that sells very high-end merchandise and I had a very small $10 purchase in my hand. You're likely on commission, all things considered, and that $10 purchase ain't going to look as good on your paycheque as someone else's $500 purchase.

But for the love of god, we both know you knew I was standing in line behind your customers at the cash register. You looked at me, though you didn't make eye contact. I'm short, but I'm regrettably rather round, and I was wearing a bright red scarf, so I'm not hard to miss.

What it comes down to is this: don't walk away from the register when someone is in line, without a word, to just randomly putter around behind the counter. There was a line up (albeit a short one) forming where your co-worker was on the other register. Your other other co-worker was trying to help a man find just the right gift for his wife. What were you thinking? Oh, you probably weren't.

Look. Even if that randomly moving about of stuff that you were doing was actually a necessary and vital part of your job, which I can't help but doubt, I'd have actually understood if you'd looked me square in the eye and said you couldn't help me because you had to randomly move stuff about.

You didn't. Therefore, you lose.

However, your frazzled-looking co-worker who was helping the man find the perfect gift for his wife was sorta able to salvage the day for me. Kudos to her for trying.

Here's to hoping you're not there the next time I go in to actually buy something that's more expensive,

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