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Together or separate?

[exerpted from my personal journal]

I was a bit annoyed by the guy at the concession stand [of a local flea market]. I was ready for lunch, so I ordered up a big greasy cheeseburger. A minute later, after I'd paid, DeDe decided she was hungry, too, and ordered her lunch, too. So he took her order, then chewed us out: "Next time, Sir and Lady, please order together at the same time!" Well screw you, buddy! First of all, I HATE being called "Sir." Second of all, I don't like the intonation in your voice. Third, who cares if we order together or not--we both paid and it's not like it takes any longer. And even if it does, there wasn't exactly a line behind us. (DeDe also gathered the subtle undertones of the guy's tone of voice, as well--implying that we were up to some kind of deception, which we weren't.)
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