amiee_271 (amiee_271) wrote in bad_service,

dell... you confuse me

okay... i've been having some problems w/ my laptop recently, the most of which was when i accidentally dropped it down a flight of stairs, in the rain (okay, thats my suck)... BUT on an awesome note, i have dell's complete care warranty so it covers accidental damage
so in exchange for my 2 year old, busted up d800, i got a nice new d820 w/ some really really nice features
so, here comes the wierdness/confusion... the touchpad/mouse driver on the system doesnt work right... if it is installed, it will work after a restart, however if you shut it down, when you turn it back on, its like it never existed and you ahve to install it again and go through the whole process again
thats the crappy driver part, but heres what confuses me... my original warranty was good until july of 07, when i looked up the driver for this computer, it says my warranty is good until nov of 2010... so basically i'm spazzing out trying to figure out if dell screwed up and i'm about to have my credit card charged for some ridiculous sum, or if this is just for some odd reason, what they do...

this is driving me crazy!!!

of note: not saying this is suck necessarily, just confusing and irritating

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