Mr. Dew! (misterdew) wrote in bad_service,
Mr. Dew!


So I was at the mall today looking to buy some things for the gift exchange at work tomorrow.  I thought it would be funny to go to the "As Seen On TV" store and buy something cheesy yet useful.  Lo and behold, there were a few things there that were under the $10 spending limit they set, so off I went to the counter with something for work and something for myself.

In front of me was another customer who was complaining that the price she was charged was more than the price on the box.  The clerk, who was obviously Not From Around Here™ (and playing that card throughout these two transactions), was trying to argue with her that what was on the inventory computer was final, not what was on the box.  (For some reason, the inventory computer is separate from the cash register, and this factors in somewhat later.)

The clerk then said he'd try to figure something out after he waited on me, so she stood by while he rang me up.  One of the things I bought came up on the computer for about half the price shown on the box, and then he tries to justify overcharging the other customer by undercharging me! 

Then he gives me the total and as I hand him my credit card, he tells me that because he hit the cash button on the register, I have to pay cash.  The total (with tax) came to just over $10, and I only had $10 on me.  Plus, I still needed to pay the parking fee at the mall garage.  After a minute of going back and forth with him that I was only going to use my credit card, he begrudgingly voided out the last transaction and re-rang it correctly.

Needless to say, I'm not too particularly impressed.  Plus, the cash thing sounded a little shady.

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