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I really just never liked Banfield. It's more of an opinion for me, I guess. Mostly because I have a dedicated exotic animals vet that I see regularly for my furbabies, and would never trust their care anywhere else at this point (I really love my vet, but that's 'good service!')

Anyway, about a month ago, my mutt baby Mistletoe passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep. It's one of those tragic things that you really never expect to happen, but it does. She passed peacefully and quickly while in her dreams. Though she was only about 11, I was at least thankful that she died naturally; my last mutt baby had to be put down at the ripe age of 16, and was in a great deal of pain up to that point.

Anyway, onto the story. I've had questionable thoughts about Banfield before, but being that we were in a tight spot (Missie passed early Sunday morning, so most other vets were closed, including my vet), we had no choice but to set up a cremation order with them. I figured all right, you know, as much as I really hate Banfield, this is just a cremation order. We drive about 80 miles into Chicago and bring my baby there, fill out some papers, and the deed is done. We recieve a call about a week later, and make arrangements to go and pick her up, so she can finally be home safe with us again.

It all seemed normal, until (after waiting about 20 minutes in the lobby) I was told by the nurse, or receptionist, that they had misplaced my dog's remains and really didn't know where they were, so could I come back another day? Not even the asking me to come back was a shock ... how do you 'lose' someone's remains? It's not a fucking bag of dog food, it's the remains of someone's beloved creature. I was LIVID. I had taken a day off work just to come in and get my baby, so I could finally have some closure, and not only do they 'ask me to come back,' but they LOSE the remains?? What the hell kind of 'corporation' is this? And don't even get me started on this girl's attitude, either.

On my way out to the car, one of the nurses ran out and said 'oh we found it! It was shoved in the back of a drawer!'

I will never, in my LIFE, ever support a Banfield, or Petsmart even, again. In a situation like that, I'll go to an emergency clinic and pay out my ass in fees just to ensure that my furbaby is treated as a beloved being, even after death, and not a box of dust.
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