Ketinara (ketinara) wrote in bad_service,

High Speed Hell

I needed a good place to rant about this, so here I am!

A quick introduction: I live in the USA and I work in a small call center with a good reputation for fast service and friendly people. We work very hard to maintain this image.

Now, on to my story.

Several months ago I decided to move closer to work. At my previous residence, I shared my internet connection with one other person, so when I moved out, the account remained active. This was a good thing since I had signed up for their ‘online storage’ which I used to host a website and a whole bunch of random crap (such as photos I have linked to in my LJ, images for the theme, sound files, etc). So, all was well and I could still access my stuff.

A couple weeks ago, I was informed that the account was about to be cancelled. With all of my stuff attached. I promptly called my ISP (thankfully my new residence has the same cable provider) to find out what they could do for me.

The answer: They can test my patience and give me plenty of practice navigating their impenetrable phone menu system.

Call One:
A young man picked up the phone. I explained my situation in detail, then asked if there was anything I could do that would prevent every link I ever made from breaking.

His response: I don’t know…
“Well, could you maybe… Find Out?”

He put me on hold for 15 minutes or so, which he must have spent testing the science behind sticking a fork into an electrical outlet, because he certainly didn’t do any real research on my problem. He came back with an obviously bullshit answer about how I should personally download everything, create new accounts and upload everything onto the new accounts. I calmly explained that this does NOT solve my problem. In fact, that’s exactly what I explained I didn’t want to do. He asked to call me back in about 15 minutes. Irritated, I agreed, thinking that maybe he’d somehow get fed up with dealing with me and pass me off to somebody else.

Wrong. He called back with the same “answer” as before, and had even set up a data account for me! Yay!! I vowed revenge and pretended to accept his solution.

Call Two:
Second try, several days later. This call was marked with more success as the woman who answered the phone understood what I wanted and immediately escalated my issue to somebody more capable. She told me that I would receive a call back within the next 48 hours.

Call Three:
Five days later, and no call. How very surprising. I called back and inquired about the status of my issue (being much more polite than I probably should have been). I was informed that the issue had been escalated, then closed. With. No. Resolution.

That would never fly with my employer. Ever. I copied down the reference number and called Billing to chew some ass.

Call Four:
The man in Billing who picked up was very monotone and seemed to not care (which I’m sure he didn’t and wasn’t paid to do). HOWEVER, he put me on hold and came back on the line with a tech who knew what he was doing, and even more surprising, could actually help me - which he proceeded to do. He also apologized profusely and gave me his extension to call if I ever needed assistance again.

It seems that a person can never get a straight answer these days without jumping through hoops and complaining to the right people.

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