empressmiaka (empressmiaka) wrote in bad_service,


This is minor, but it annoys me nonetheless.

I ordered some prints to send out with my holiday cards from shutterfly. I ordered them on Dec. 2nd. They sent them out on Dec. 3rd. I still haven't received them.

I went to check out when they were sent through my account and found a tracking number. I clicked on the link, and for whatever stupid reason, UPS NEVER updates their tracking information. The last time information was entered was sometime around December 5th.

I don't get it. What's the point of paying for tracking if they never update it, and this ALWAYS happens when I get something through UPS. It'll update after it's already been delivered.

I emailed shutterfly's customer service and pointed out that I hadn't gotten my prints and they're sending out another batch for me....but they're sending them, yet again, through UPS. I asked them if THEY could possibly ask UPS where the hell the package went, but they just said that after 10 days, they consider it "lost in the mail".

I appreciate that I'm getting new prints free of charge, but I hate UPS.
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