poopbear (poopbear) wrote in bad_service,

Butthead Plumber

So my wife and I just moved into an apartment. It's a bit older but still pretty nice, except for the sinks. From the beginning (just about a week ago) they've been a bit clogged. Now the landlord and his wife just bought this house about 6 months ago so they've been doing some work on it, they just haven't gotten to the plumbing down in our apartment.
Anyway, last night I put some potato peels down the garbage disposal. Said garbage disposal almost immediately begins backing up and spewing out crap. The sink in the bathroom also begins to spew out crap. Despite my best efforts with drano and a plunger I had absolutely no luck with getting the sinks to flow. So this morning I called the landlord who then called in a plumber.
The pipes were in such bad shape that he couldn't get them off without breaking them. The plumber spends about an hour and a half fixing the clog, which in addition to my potato peels has a massive amount of nasty black stuff. The plumber was pleasant enough to me, we talked a little bit and I let him know that the wife and I had been living there for only a week.
After he gets the job done he wipes up his mess and takes off. About half an hour later I get a phone call from the landlord's wife. This particular plumbing company gives a one year warranty on their work but the plumber told the landlord's wife that if I screwed up the pipes so bad again that he'd void the warranty. Apparently he was a bit upset and lectured the landlord's wife on how I was putting junk down the sink and that she should keep an eye on me.
Now, fortunately, the landlord and his wife are very nice people and she even told him that I couldn't possibly be responsible for all of the mess seeing as I had been here for ONE WEEK. He then told her, again, that he wouldn't guarantee the work if I was screwing stuff up.
I'm not livid about this, just a bit irritated. I've lived in an apartment complex before with a nasty landlord who would have given me hell if a plumber had told him something similar. I guess the plumber didn't want to tell me off to my face seeing as I'm about twice his size so he decides to let off some steam on my landlord's wife.
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