Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Update on the public school thing

So my dad went in to talk to the State's Attorney today. Let's just say my sister is fine and the school is in deep shit.

The SA started off by asking "What's the problem?" and my dad let him have it. He told him about the kid who was harassing her and the pervy student teacher that likes to oogle the girls in their gym clothes. He told him about the lack of security at the school as well as their inability to properly handle a situation like this.

My sister got a clean slate and the school is in sooo much trouble. They're investigating the school and the student teacher. From now on, if my sister feels uncomfortable about anything anyone does, she has a list of numbers she can call to get her right to the SA. He isn't taking the situation lightly. I'll have more info later as the rest of the situation develops.

Its about damn time something is being done. Now we just have to sit and wait to see if the SA follows through. He listened to my sister tell her side of the story and my dad said he seemed genuinely (sp?) disturbed by the situation. She feels better knowing something is going to happen and that her dad isn't going to go to jail. I feel better knowing that too. My dad is just upset because now he won't get his vacation. lol.
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