Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Gas Station update

Some of you might remember this post. Well today we found out what's going on with that gas station.

This morning, around 8:45 AM we were on our way to work and I decided to get the hubby a cup of coffee since I wanted a hot chocolate and needed gas since it was nearing the orange mark. So we drive down there and see one of the pumps with an out of order sign so I pull around to the next pump... out of order sign and that when we noticed all 12 pumps were out of service for all types of gas. We decide to forgo the coffee and hot chocolate and just head on over to Safeway (which is a mile up the street) to put gas and get some quick breakfast. We both thought it strange that the gas station ran out of gas but figured that they'd be getting gas that afternoon since the truck was at Safeway (and yes, ALL the gas stations except Costco gets their gas from the one distributor in our area... whole different rant).

Later that afternoon I'm off running errands and pick up the hubby at closing. As we're driving home he tells me that one of our customers (a regular) happens to be friends with the gas station owner. Turns out the real reason for the "Holiday Hours" isn't to give the staff time off to do their own shopping but rather because they're going to close the station. Apparently, the guy told the hubby none of the employees know but probably will be figuring it out that something is up. He said that the employees won't be told until Friday that the gas station will be closed after this weekend! (Sucky owner for not telling him employees ahead of time if what our customer said is remotely true.) So after this week no more gas station and no more triple espressos with two raw sugars for him.
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