zahriah (zahriah) wrote in bad_service,

I had a baby just over a year ago, on Dec 2, 2005. I paid a hospital bill for the birth to the tune of about $1400 total over the next few months, plus about $500 to my OBGYN for the delivery, all after insurance covered their share.

I just received a bill from the hospital in the mail for another $600.00. Their bills contain no information to say exactly what the charges are for - there's just the admission date, the original balance, the insurance payments and adjustments, and the total I owe. That, in itself, is a huge service issue - I'm not forking over hundreds of dollars just because they say I owe it. I asked them to send me an itemized bill, and I'll see if I can dig out the itemized copy I got from the last one and compare the two.

Their explanation is that they changed computer systems in early 2006, they had a lot of really big problems, and they're still conducting audits and finding money that's owed to them for treatment in late 2005, and the current bills aren't going through correctly either. I knew about that - I've been getting bills for small things like labs trickling in 2-3 months late. But this - this is ridiculous. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a big fat surprise bill.

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