kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

Starbucks suckage.

so I go to Starbucks pretty often. this past week I was in NYC. I stopped off at a Starbucks in Times Square for one of my favorite drinks, a chai tea latte.

I order it as clearly as I can, as I understand it can be a mouthful. I ordered a chai with no water, soymilk, & hazelnut. The barista behind the counter scoffed at me and said "UGH, you need to slow down, I don't know what you're saying." I apologized and repeated it once again, slower. I placed a second order for my friend - the same drink, just without the hazelnut. she rolled her eyes and said "say it again, I don't know what the hell you're saying"

o.O I understand it's the city, and I've gotten a similar reaction from a Starbucks where I live, but she was just so rude - when I was trying to be polite. I understand they're one of the busiest Starbucks, but damn.

but on a good note, the drink was yummy :)
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