Evan (earthprince) wrote in bad_service,

I went to TGI Fridays. A show I watch (Top Chef) had a challenge, where the winners dish would be featured on the menu. Just a sidenote :)

I order the sandwich as made on the show, basically a grilled cheese with mushrooms, with a cup of roasted red pepper soup with it. I get my sandwhich. And maybe.. two spoonfuls of the soup in a cup. I didn't get a spoon, regardless.

So I start my sandwich, which has... chicken in it. I am trying to go vegetarian, and that chicken I ate broke my longest streak so far. I was not happy. Waitress runs by, asks if we need anything, and runs off before we answer.

My friends eat their food. I decide not to be upset with the sandwich, since mistakes happen. Luckily I realised there was chicken in it before offering a bite to my boyfriend, who is a vegetarian and would have been considerably upset with eating meat.

At least thirty minutes go by. Not bad, since we talk and entertain ourselves well, but c'mon.

Waitress comes back, and asks if we need anything. I simply reply with "a spoon". She runs off, brings back refills, giving me a coke instead of a diet, and my boyfriend a sprite instead of his water. She dropped them on the table and left, so we couldn't ask for the spoon again.

So my friends eat. I end up using a fork for my soup. There was so little of it, at least using a fork made it take longer to eat.

Waitress brings more refills, again with a coke and sprite, which we never had. We want a dessert to split. She brings us a bill.

We eventually get out dessert and new bill. We left about a 10% tip. And we aren't going there again.
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