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Nigerians and eBay

NOTE: This is a rant. Don't bother telling me I'm mean or generalizing or whatever you want to say to make yourself seem superior. I'm mad and I'll say whatever I want. I only want to hear from you if you know of an phone number or easier way I can actually talk with a live person.  Really pissed-off and unsuitable-for-younger-viewers content ahead. You'll be offended, and now you've been warned. Thanks.

Goddamn it, I listed my PSP on eBay in NOVEMBER and it finally sold for $202 US. Or so I thought. Turns out the bastard that bid the highest was just a Nigerian scam artist. Ebay sent me an email telling me my auction was cancelled, which is all fine and dandy, but what am I supposed to do now? The Nigerian fucker actually had the nerve to send me an email asking for me to ship him the item without payment. As if!

I can't believe these people, seriously. Who do they think they are, and who would be stupid enough to fall for this? Every second email inquiry I got for my listing was some fraudster trying to sell me something or send them my item outside of ebay. I"m just so mad. And they outbid all of the real buyers, so they don't even have a chance.

So I email ebay and some chick writes back that my final value fee can be refunded to me if I relist my item again and sell it. The catch is that they don't make it easy to do at all, and the waiting periods are ridiculous. You'd think that when ebay tells YOU that the buyer was a fraud that they would make it easier for you to relist your item, but NO. Of course not. So I tried doing a second chance offer with no luck, then was finally able to relist the stupid thing. I put a buy it now option on it (of which I had to pay extra for) and another Nigerian fucker bid on it!

Here's an email from the asshole:

Hello Maven,
Thanks for your reply, well i am in california but out of states now and am buying this game for my son who is in Nigeria, so kindly give me the shipping cost to Nigeria thruough USPS Express Mail Sevice which is the most fastest and secure way of delivery.
so i hope to hear from you sonest .

I'm not even from the States, it's not like I can actually use USPS.
And then:

                   OKE ADO, IBADAN,
                    OYO STATE,
                      NIGERIA. 23402.

Gahhh!!!! WHere the hell are all these people coming from? It's to the point where I can't even conduct a safe a legitimate listing on ebay! What kind of service is that? Why do they let these people in? What is my recourse?! I am so mad.

And of course there's no easy way to contact anyone from eBay to tell them about this user, to have the listing cancelled or have ANYTHING done at all. It took me forever just to find an email address, but what I really want is to just talk to someone on the phone and get something done! I was able to use live chat when I listed it, but apparently FRAUD is not a good enough reason to be allowed live chat!!!!!!!!

So that's twice now that some Nigerian fraud person has ruined my auction. It's prime selling season for a PSP and I have to wait WEEKS just to get retarded ebay to list my auction again. How do they expect me to sell it and make any decent money off of it? Not to mention they're charging me all these fees for something that hasn't even been legitimately sold in the first place!!! How am I going to get my money back?

Fuck I dont know who I'm more mad with: the retards in Nigeria trying to take advantage of me, assuming I'm some stupid twit, or fucking eBay for being assholes and letting these fuckers in and having little to no recourse and no fucking way to contact eBay! Now I don't even want to sell on there anymore, but I won't get any of my fees back unless I do! Like, this is fucking ridiculous! look at how many times I've used fuck! That's how mad I am!

If eBay were any good at all they would have a quick and speedy way to clear this up, remove my listing, get rid of that user, and fix it all without having to spend a month waiting for my listing to expire or the fake buyer to respond to a dispute... it'll be the new year by the time I can sell this stupid thing again, and by then no one will want to buy it!


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