green (etantvert) wrote in bad_service,

I'm new to the community and thought that I'd share my worst restaurant experience. It happened a few years ago, and I'll never forget it.

My mother and I went to eat lunch at a Rio Bravo. It was an off-peak time, about 3 pm, and we were the only customers. The waiter took a long time coming back with our drinks. After he put in our entree orders he came back out of the kitchen and stood by the windows. He kept staring out of the windows. It was very distracting because they were right near our table, so we were trying to figure out what or who he was looking at. My mom asked him and he said that he was waiting on someone to get there. Finally he went back to get our entrees, and mine was wrong. I ordered vegetable fajitas. I told him that I was a vegetarian so why would I order chicken fajitas? He acted really pissed off like it was my fault. So he took them back and then took about 20 minutes bringing out my vegetable fajitas.

While we ate he kept looking out of the window and didn't bother to check on our drinks or ask if we were okay. Then he disappeared. He didn't bring us a check or anything. We waited and waited. There was nobody visible in the entire restaurant. After about 20 minutes we got up and started walking around looking for someone to pay. No hostess at the front, nothing. Finally the waiter came out of the kitchen. He had his arms around a girl. He acted all surprised that we were finished and ready to go. So standing there at the front of the restaurant we paid. My mom and I were splitting the bill. She was paying cash and I was putting my half on a credit card. She asked for her change back and did not go to put a tip on the table. She was so angry that she was heading out the car already. When he came back with my card I signed it and put no tip on it at all.

I was halfway out the door when he started calling to me. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Why didn't you give me a tip?" I was completely shocked! He actually asked for a tip? After the horrible service and the food mess-up? What a complete idiot.

I told him that he didn't get a tip because he didn't deserve one, that he barely gave us any service and was obviously more interested in that girl than doing his job. I left him standing there with his mouth hanging open.

When we got home my mom called and spoke with a manager. The next week my brother and I ate there for free, but we never ate there again. =)

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